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Matthew James, or Kriteek, is a Hip-Hop artist. He spends most of his time performing on stage, writing songs, and constantly critiquing his music, hence the name. Kriteek was born and raised in Tampa Florida, and he plans to make Tampa Bay his starting ground for breaking into the music industry. People have defined his work as being packed with punch lines that are cryptically placed inside of classy word play. Or as he proclaims his songs as having hidden jewels in the bars. He got his inspiration for rap music when he was a freshman in high school by hearing a collaboration group called Gangstarr which featured G.U.R.U and DJ Premier. Kriteek  spent most of his time before that writing poetry, which had helped him to become a wordsmith in the rap game. Finding his cadence in the music was the hardest part for him. He later found his own voice by first mimicking his favorite rappers: Eminem, B.o.B, and a Canadian rap artist named Classified. From there Kriteek found his own style and began voicing it to the masses.

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